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  • Trade Secrets of RiceTrade Secrets of Rice
    There are four primary categories of intellectual property in the US, and this blog generally discusses three--patents and trademarks quite extensively, and a little on copyrights. The fourth is the most elusive of these intangible assets: the trade secret. And it's also the main topic of this entry. A trade secret is information that holds actual or potential value because it is not widely known, has value to others who cannot obtain it via legitimate means, and must be subject to “reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy” (USPTO, Which basically means, it is privileged information critical to maintaining financial… Read more »
  • History of the Patent and Trademark Resource CenterHistory of the Patent and Trademark Resource Center
    On July 28th, we will be celebrating the Kelley Center’s 45th anniversary as a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC; previously Patent and Trademark Depository Library). Curious about the history of the Kelley Center’s participation and partnership with the USPTO? You’ll have to come to the event for the full story, but here are some highlights. In 1977, the USPTO founded the Patent Depository Library model, the modern predecessor to the PTRC program. 22 libraries were designated, replacing the former concept of a depository that had been around since the 1800s. The original members did not include Fondren Library, but… Read more »