Esther Crawford PTRCA Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

1. Description of Award

The Esther Crawford PTRCA Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to an individual PTRCA member or individual who demonstrates outstanding service to the Patent and Trademark Resource Center Association by active and effective participation on PTRCA committees and PTRCA activities that enhance the association educational experience.

2. Who is eligible?

All of the membership of the PTRCA and those individuals who contribute to the overall goals of the PTRC in the areas of association service and education. The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is given to a person (or persons), either volunteer or staff, who has exhibited valuable professional service (within the Association and outside) including scholarly or academic distinction at any level, distinguished use of unique skills, and/or excellence in education. These criteria are good measures of acceptable candidates and help to assure that recipients have a wide range of “service” that they provide to the profession. Nominations should be submitted on an individual basis.

3. What does the award recipient receive?

The award recipient receives a distinguished service plaque at the PTRCA Business Meeting at the yearly Annual USPTO Training Seminar. In addition, their name will be recorded to a permanent list of Esther Crawford PTRCA Distinguished Service recipients displayed on the PTRCA web site.

4. Process:

  1. 1. At the beginning of October prior to the USPTO Seminar year, the Executive Board and President shall call for nominations for the DSA from the membership. The deadline for nominations will be February 1st of the seminar year. The request for nominations will outline the following criteria for the recipient:
    1. a. Must be a member of the PTRCA or, someone not associated with a PTRC who provides extraordinary service to the association. Current membership in the association is required at time of nomination if nominee is a PTRC representative.
    2. b. The recipient demonstrated a continued commitment to association for a minimum of 3 years.
    3. c. Demonstrates excellence in service to the PTRCA and its membership.
  2. 2. Nominations
    1. a. The current Executive Board shall serve as review committee
    2. b. Any member can send in a one‐page nomination letter or email to the PTRCA Executive Board by the stated deadline The nomination includes:
      1. i. The name, title and PTRC they are representative of; or for nominations of nonmembers, the service provided to the association
      2. ii. An explanation of how or circumstances the nominator knows the nominee
      3. iii. Details of how the nominee meets the award criteria.

The nominee must receive at least two recommendations of support including written commentary about the nature of nominee’s exemplary service.

5. Winners:

  • Jim Miller, College Park PTRC, 2020
  • Jan Comfort, Clemson PTRC, 2022
  • Russ Allen, PTRCA Webmaster, 2022

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