Committees 2024-2025

Standing Committees

Bylaws Committee
Charge: Review the PTRCA bylaws and recommend language for updates; coordinate with the PTRCA webmaster to ensure that the most recent bylaws are on the website.

Open (CHAIR)

Conferences Committee
Charge: Assists PTRCP representatives with the planning of presentations and programs for local, state, and national Conferences. Also coordinates all arrangements necessary for the PTRCA portions on the Annual PTRCP Training Seminar and PTRCA Conferences.

Tallie Casucci, Salt Lake City, UT, [email protected] (CHAIR)
Youngwoo Ban, Las Vegas, NV [email protected]
Patrick Griffis, Las Vegas, NV [email protected]
Denise Wetzel, University Park, PA [email protected]

Election Committee
Charge: Run the Election for Officers and Divisional Representatives; includes call for nominations, recruiting candidates, and running the electronic election.

Leena Lalwani (CHAIR)
Ann Arbor, MI [email protected]
Christina A Byrne, Seattle, WA [email protected]

Education Committee
Charge: Focuses on the education of new and existing PTRC representatives with an emphasis on free international databases, the USPTO databases, USPTO website, and the maintaining and updating of the Best Practices document. The best practices document will be reviewed and updated twice a year to keep it current.

Alfred Mowdood, Salt Lake City, UT [email protected] (CHAIR)
Jim Miller, College Park, MD [email protected]
Graham Sherriff, Burlington, VT [email protected]
Jim Miller, College Park, MD [email protected]
Stella Mittelbach, Los Angeles
Suzanne Reinman, Stillwater, OK [email protected]
Tallie Casucci, Salt Lake City, UT [email protected] (Ex-officio)

Membership and Mentoring Committee
Charge: Coordinate the matching of new members and first-time attendees with either their divisional representative or a seasoned PTRCA veteran to ensure that they feel welcome and informed at the annual seminar.

Patrick Griffis, Las Vegas, NV [email protected] (CHAIR)
Mary Kordyban, Detroit, MI [email protected]
Lisha Li, Atlanta, GA, [email protected]
David Zwicky, West Lafayette, IN [email protected]
Spruce Fraser, USPTO PTRCP, [email protected]
Tallie Casucci, Salt Lake City, UT, [email protected] (Ex-officio)

Publications Committee
Charge: Coordinate the publication of the Association’s annual newsletter and maintain the Association’s website and archives.

Suzanne Reinman Stillwater, OK [email protected] (CHAIR)
Tallie Casucci, Salt Lake City, UT, [email protected]
David Irvin, Las Cruces, NM [email protected] (Journal Editor)
Tara Radniecki, Reno, NV [email protected]
John Schlipp, Statesboro, GA [email protected]
David Zwicky, West Lafayette, IN [email protected]
Donna Arment, Durango, CO [email protected]
Russ Allen, [email protected] (WEBMASTER)

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