Louisville, KY

Louisville Free Public Library

Hi from Rae Shepherd-Shlechter at the Louisville Free Public Library. 2011 was a banner year.

We had a rebirth of sorts of the Louisville Metro Inventors Council. I got coverage in the Courier Journal, so it was a bit of a media coup. My favorite quote from the article was: “My goal is to train you so you can do a (patent) search from the comfort of your home with your bunny slippers and a bottle of beer…” A modest goal but an important one, in my opinion.

Rochester, NY

Chester F. Carlson Center, Rochester, NY

We’ve seen an increase in use of the Center and believe it’s primarily due to articles in our local paper. Back in September, a local columnist did a series of articles on Rochester, NY and patents, reminding readers that we are ranked among the top 5 of Patents per Capita. He spotlighted the Library and the Carlson Center, with all of the great resources we have to offer people conducting patent and trademark research. He had a follow up article on Sunday, June 17th which featured the Carlson Center once again.

Amherst, Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Library has been part of the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Program since 1984. During that time many changes have taken place and most recently the majority of the patent materials were moved to the Science & Engineering Library. When I first took on the responsibility as the representative in 2009 the patent materials, including the PubWest computer terminal, were located in the main Du Bois Library. This made it very difficult for me to gain experience using the database and for setting up patent search appointments.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Broward County Main Library

Hi Readers!

My name is Eileen Fischlschweiger, and I’ve been the Fort Lauderdale PTRC Representative for fifteen years, having worked at the PTRC in the capacity of Patent and Trademark Librarian for seventeen years. I have been a librarian with the Broward County Library System for over 23 years. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in both Chemistry and Physics (double major). I also have a Master’s degree in Communications, a considerable amount of graduate level coursework in Education, and a second Master’s degree in Library Science.


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