Patent Translation with PatentScope

Simple steps for translating patents into English using PatentScope. Posted by Martin Wallace, written with the help of Jim Miller, Jan Comfort and Alyson Dill.

PatentScope can translate patent documents using just the patent's number in its default basic search; for example: Ru2450023, which is a Russian patent. Begin at and search for target patent in the "ID/Number" field.

Search for target patent

Click the hyperlinked patent number to get the default record with Russian and English abstract.

Click on the hyperlinked patent document number

Then click the "Description" tab to get what looks like a long numbered list in the document's native language. When you click the [T] icon or linked "Machine translation", it prompts you to select language.

Select the description Tab to begin with and then click the Machine translation button; then repeat with the claims tab.

Select the language needed for the translation.

Select the language needed for the translation

You can repeat this method for the "Claims" tab.

PatentScope apears to be using GoogleTranslate (or alternately, Bing) to go from the Russian to English. Iit is far faster than the Japanese to English in JPO's IPDL or China and Korea's similar machine translation. Since scientific Russian shares many words with English and its Latin and Greek roots, my guess is that Russian to English would be maybe more precise than Japanese to English machine translation, though I am not sure of this. I do find that it's not that hard to learn Cyrillic to Roman transliteration, and you can spot check for accuracy unlike with Japanese, Chinese, etc. where you really have to do intensive study of the languages.