How to Cite Patents - Databases including patents and Bibliographic Citation Software - Draft

Note: This is the first draft. I would appreciate suggestions. The contributors listed below have been a great start for the important task of identifying how to best cite patent resources.

Patent Office Speech – Local Boy Does Good

Russ Allen, our guest speaker at the 2013 PTRC Annual Seminar, has written an article about his experience with us which he submitted his tool club's newsletter. When he first wrote it, he asked that we not share or publish the article until after it was published in the newsletter, because he wanted it to be published there first. It turns out that it won't go into the newsletter until March 2014 so he has given PTRCA permission to post it to our site. Thank you, Russ, for your awesome report and for your continued patronage and support for PTRC libraries!

To see the original report, with figures, download and read the PDF.

CASSIS and USA Disc Retention

This is a list of libraries that have chosen to retain CASSIS and/or the USA Disc products. If your library is in the list, but has since decided to discard or give away these products, you must first contact the PTRC Program Office. Even though they are not taking any back, they have the "right of first refusal" and may be able to find new homes for some collections. If your library is not on this list, but you did retain the products, you may contact us (PTRCA) to have us add your library to the list.

2013 PTRCA Election Results

New officers were announced at the 2013 Annual Business Meeting on Thursday April 18th:

Vice-President/President-Elect (3 year commitment): Spruce Fraser
Secretary (1-year commitment): Suzanne Reinman
Academic Divisional Representative (2-year commitment): Connie Wu
Public Divisional Representative (2-year commitment): Mary Kordyban


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