PTRCA Executive Council Recognizes Hal Mendelsohn and Russ Allen for Service to the Association

At this year's annual business meeting, Hal Mendelsohn and Russ Allen were recognized by the Executive Council for their service to PTRCA. Hal Mendelsohn, recently retired from the Orlando PTRC, was thanked for his dutiful service to the Association over the last nine years, and Russ Allen was given an honorary lifetime membership for his volunteer service to the Association. Mr. Allen is the the third member to be awarded an honorary lifetime membership, and the first non-PTRC representative to receive it.

The resolutions can be read in-full at the following links:

Hal Mendelsohn
Russ Allen

Information for this year's Annual Business Meeting

The Executive Council has issued its agenda for the 2016 Annual Business Meeting and the Bylaws Committee has finalized its ballot for this year's proposed bylaws revisions. Both documents are posted here.

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