Patent Lens Improved Non-Patent Literature Search Function

Patent Lens has greatly improved its Non-Patent Literature search function. Now you can search by the cited author's name or the cited article's PubMed ID and DOI. For example, let's say you want to find all the patents that cite this article:

Kasavajjula Uday et al. (2007) "Nano- and bulk-silicon-based insertion anodes for lithium-ion secondary cells" Journal of Power Sources 163:1003-1039. DOI:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2006.09.084

The NPL search fields are:

  • Authors
  • Authors (CrossRef)
  • Authors (PubMed)
  • Non-patent citations
  • Citation ID

The Citation ID field, which accepts DOI and PubMed IDs, seems to work the best. For the article above, The Lens retrieved 50 patents in 38 families: 35 US, 10 WO and 5 DE. Not all patent offices publish NPL references on their patent documents. Those that do include CN, EP, DE, GB, JP, KR, US, and WO. It is possible to do a Boolean search on multiple IDs or authors.

This is a very useful way to find patents related to a specific article or patents that cite a researcher's work. It might be of interest to academic researchers who want to track the impact of their research in the patent literature.