2013 PTRCA Elections

With the beginning of the Training Seminar fast approaching, it is time to begin the process of electing Officers and Divisional Representatives. Please consider running or nominating a colleague for a PTRC office. This year we have 4 positions to fill:

  • Vice-President/ President/Past President represents a three-year commitment
  • Secretary, a one-year commitment
  • Academic Divisional Representative, two-year commitment
  • Public Divisional Representative, two-year commitment

Officers are elected by the entire membership, while Divisional Representatives, whose term of office is two years, and who will primarily serve as members of a committee, are elected by the membership within their Division. We will be electing 1 representative from each of the divisions. You can find more information on the position on the Association website at http://www.ptrca.org/

The time responsibilities of serving as a PTRC Officer or Representative should easily fit into your work schedule. Your efforts in volunteering yourself and/or nominating a colleague will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the PTRC in representing the interests of our membership within the PTRCP and the entire USPTO. I’m sure your duties will prove to be enjoyable and fulfilling, and that the opportunities to interact with other PTRCP members and staff within the USPTO will prove to be of substantial benefit to you, your home institution and the entire PTRCP. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, the other members of the Election Committee at ptdla-elec@umich.edu