Dayton, Ohio

Wright State University

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Library has been a PTRC since 2000.  Our PTRC collection is located in the commons area of the main library.  Access to PubWEST and PubEAST is through the Information Desk.  We established a PTRC only workstation area for more privacy.

In 2019, we had 192 requests for intellectual property information through email, telephone, and appointments.  Community presentations had 45 attendees.  For on campus classes we reached 207 undergraduate and graduate students.  Our 2019 statistics for our own PTRC website recorded 1452 unique visits.  We also saw an uptick in patent attorneys using PubEAST and PubWEST.  With a good economy I have noticed a reduction in those seeking help with patent and trademark information.  With that said, I am very pleased with our statistics!

Wright State University financially has turned a corner.  The faculty strike was the longest in state history at 20 days.  Some of the library staff were forced to fill in for the striking faculty.  Some animosity still exists between staff and faculty at Wright State.  What is more worrisome is the drop in enrollment from 18K to 12K.  Our enrollment for the Fall 2020 semester is projected to be 17% less than the previous Fall semester.  Our department employment remains steady with 7 staff members.   

Our president was relieved of her duties at the end of December and the Provost, Susan Edwards was promoted to the university president.  Edwards is very supportive of the libraries and our mission.  This also includes the PTRC outreach.  We look forward to receiving more support from this administration than the last.  

Ran Raider – Government and History Librarian and PTRC Representative since 2000