Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson University

We have had another great year here at Clemson.  And not just because we are the National Football Champions. It is hard to follow having the PTRCP team visit your library for programs and fellowship.  I highly recommend hosting the team.  Such wonderful benefits to your patrons!  Although we didn’t have any big events this year, I did meet with lots of patent searchers – many of whom were students enrolled in Senior Design for Bioengineering.  And I actually got Pub EAST and PubWEST set up for a local attorney to use!  Thanks to Neil for walking me through THAT challenge.  In addition, I added two audiences to my list of annual (or semi-annual) presentations – the Graduate School, and the Compliance Office.  In each case, I focus on the patent process at Clemson, starting with “What is a Patent” and wrapping up with “How the Millions Get Distributed.”  There have been lots of changes at the library.  We got a new Dean – Chris Cox, who has spent much of his time since he arrived in August meeting with faculty, staff, and students to determine their needs.  The students need study space, so we are weeding madly to free up some space, and redefine our spaces.  We are also hiring new faculty and replacing colleagues who have retired.  And speaking of retirement…  I have made the decision to retire this year.  My last day of work will be May 24th.  Although this might seem sudden (it does to me) it is the best decision for me personally.  My husband and I will be moving to the beach to be closer to family.  We won’t have a representative at Seminar this year, but be on the lookout for messages from me in the coming days outlining our plans.  I will miss everyone so much!  This program has the best people, and I have such great friends and colleagues!  I look forward to reading about all of your successes.