Journal of the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Association, Volume 28, 2018

News from PTRCs

Akron, OH

Akron-Summit County Public Library

There has been a lot of activity at the Akron PTRC this past year. Our Director David Jennings retired the end of February this year. We are currently in the search process for his replacement.

Amherst, Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Amherst

2017 was a year of taking risks and making changes for the UMass Amherst Libraries PTRC. This past year I participated in the USPTO Patent Virtual Assistance Pilot Program for Pro Se inventors. Although the program has not taken off as hoped, it is a great opportunity for outreach and engagement with the inventor community. I also repurposed some space within the Science & Engineering Library to create a PTRC outreach station filled with self-serve materials as well as a collection of monographs related to patents and trademarks from across the spectrum.

Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan.

Ann Arbor,  MI PTRC is located in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library (AAEL) in the Duderstadt Center at the University of Michigan. AAEL houses the Art & Design, Architecture & Urban Planning and Engineering Collections. Last fall,  we had a presentation on Trademarks from Commissioner for Trademarks Mary Boney Denison and in the summer, we had Basics of Patent Searching session by staff of the USPTO Detroit Satellite Office to celebrate 5 years of the Detroit satellite office.

Burlington, VT

University of Vermont

Our big news over the past year has been our new work area. Our Government Information and Patents and Trademarks space was totally redone and we now have a bright and happy place for folks to work. We have been receiving all sorts of interesting questions from a wide range of inventors.

Cheyenne, WY

Wyoming State Library

The Wyoming State Library (WSL) became a PTRC in 2005. I am the sole staff member within the PTRC, and additionally manage the Federal Depository Library Program here at WSL.  We are the only PTRC in the state and consequently, serve the entire population of Wyoming.  Our state population is approximately 544,000.  As a consequence, the majority of my service is distance (phone and email) versus one-on-one interactions here at WSL. 

Cincinnati, OH

Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County

The Patent & Trademark Resource Center is located in the Information & Reference department of the Main Branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County (PLCH). The Main Library takes up two city blocks, and is consistently one of the busiest urban branches in the nation.

The PTRC hosted a Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium in March as part of their Women’s History Month events. The Symposium featured representatives from the USPTO as well as IP experts from the Cincinnati area. It was a great day of learning and networking for all in attendance.

Clemson, SC

Clemson University

This has been a particularly active year.  Since last year’s seminar (attended by colleague and STEM Librarian Nashieli Marcano), we have answered tons of patent and trademark questions, given several classes and workshops, and generally supported intellectual property at Clemson.

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Public Library’s PTRC is located in the Science & Technology Dept. We have 5 staff that can assist with IP: Don Boozer, Rose Mary Hoge, Elvira Baron, Peter London, and Jim Bettinger, PTRC Representative. There are 3 capable staff in Government Documents Dept. that assist with IP as well: Sarah Dobransky, Alea Lytle, and Erick Walker. The Science & Technology Dept. has 4 machines with 24” monitors that access PubWEST and PubEAST, and Government Documents Dept. has one.

College Station, TX

Texas A&M University

Howdy from the Texas A&M University West Campus (Business) Library, home of the College Station, Texas PTRC since December 22, 1983.  We are looking forward to celebrating 35 years as a PTRC in the coming year!  I, Jared Hoppenfeld, along with assistance from library staff member Boyd Conerway, are happy to assist students, faculty, and community members with their P&T questions. 

Dallas, TX

Dallas Public Library

The Dallas Public Library wants to welcome you to the downtown Dallas Public Library anytime you visit Dallas, Texas. You can find us on the 6th floor, currently known as the Government Information Center, though we have changed our name to City Life, Education, and Work Skills. However, if you phone us, we will lead with the latter. Our signage will show the new name after our remodel, possibly in nine to twelve months.

Davenport, IA

Davenport Public Library

Dayton, OH

Wright State University

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Library has been a PTRC since 2000.  Our PTRC collection is located in the Reference area of the main library.  Access to PubWEST and PubEAST is through the reference desk.  We established a PTRC only workstation area for more privacy.

In 2017, we had 360 requests for intellectual property information through email, telephone, and appointments.  Community presentations had 34 attendees.  My campus class numbers jumped again this year to 459 students! 

Detroit, MI

Detroit Public Library

The PTRC at the Detroit Public Library is housed in the Business, Science & Technology Department, Main Library, with four librarians.  This year has been active.  We hosted a program by the Midwest Regional USPTO Office, ‘All About STEM’, in March 2017.  It was a great success, and will be repeated again on April 14, 2018.  This program offered a great deal of activities for K-12 and adults.  There was a career panel, IP Basics class, a ‘Tinkering Tots, mini-maker space, an ‘Ask-the-Experts’ panel, plus exhibitors of many types.  It will be even bigger this year.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Broward County Main Library

My name is Eileen Fischlschweiger and I’ve been the Patent and Trademark Librarian for the Fort Lauderdale PTRC at the Broward County Main Library for 23 years, and the PTRC Representative for 21 years.  I have been a librarian with the Broward County Library System for over 29 years.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in both Chemistry and Physics, a Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Communications with a specialization in Broadcast Production, a considerable amount of graduate level coursework in Education, and a second Master’s degree in Library Science.

Georgia Tech University

Georgia Tech Library

Georgia Tech PTRC Annual Activities Report 2017-2Georgia Tech Library has been a part of the PTRC Program since 1946. Lisha Li is the current PTRC Representative at Georgia Tech and she has served in this capacity over eight year.

Honolulu, HI

Hawaii State Library

At the end of June 2017, we bid farewell to our long-time librarian, Arlene Nagamine, who retired after years of dutiful service.  

In October, 2017 James Ko was hired as our library assistant but a few months later he accepted another position that came with a promotion and left.