Dallas, TX

Dallas Public Library

The Dallas Public Library wants to welcome you to the downtown Dallas Public Library anytime you visit Dallas, Texas. You can find us on the 6th floor, currently known as the Government Information Center, though we have changed our name to City Life, Education, and Work Skills. However, if you phone us, we will lead with the latter. Our signage will show the new name after our remodel, possibly in nine to twelve months.

Bob Wise continues his bi-monthly one-to-one question and answer sessions. Pro se inventors utilize this 20-minute session to query Bob about their invention or the patent/trademark process. Bob is also the current president of the Texas Inventors Association. A new addition to our volunteer program is John G. Baker, patent and trademark attorney, who will be in residence on alternating months from Bob’s dates. This bumps our question-and-answer with the one-to-one pro se patrons to 12 months a year!

Dallas Public Library PTRC hosted the TX Regional Office of Dallas in their efforts to encourage STEM to local Brownies (grade 2-3 Girl Scouts) and Cub Scouts on two separate occasions. They used the inventors page from the USPTO kids page to make kazoos then attempted to make another invention of their own in a second round. The young inventors were introduced to the patent, micro fiche, and patent gazettes. Parents and leaders helped their members to find the information to receive their badge for inventing!