Rochester, NY

Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County

The Chester F. Carlson PTRC is housed in the Science and History Division of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County; a large public library, in downtown Rochester. We became a PTRC back in May of 1999, and typically, our users are independent inventors with great ideas. This year was our second highest in in-person statistics (since keeping them).

One of the most exciting things happening around here is that our 3D printer is up and running!! It’s a MakerGear M2, with the digital design software, “SketchUp” and Simplify 3D as our printer interface. We’ve had our first test subject, and all went well. We’re still working out the kinks, but it’s exciting to offer our customers this kind of cutting edge technology. Our test subject will be applying for a patent, and wanted to make a prototype for his invention.

Also of note is the annual Finger Lakes Invention Convention. This program offers special education students the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, ingenuity, originality and imagination as they come up with, create and enter their invention prototypes in this annual contest.

This year, 92 students participated and entered 60 different invention prototypes that were displayed and demonstrated at the Rochester Museum and Science Center on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Also participating were 10 teachers and associated aides, assistants and parents. The students had been working as teams and individuals on their inventions and were present to explain/demonstrate them.

Their inventions were judged and awards were presented based on Best Idea, Best Presentation and Best Prototype. Each student also received a medal attached to a ribbon featuring the Finger Lakes Invention Convention logo and a wrist band with the words Invention Convention.

Deb Nevin is looking forward to attending the seminar this year, and reconnecting with old friends. After she gets back, she will officially be taking over as manager of our Center. Kate’s been manager for a long time, and is looking forward to stepping aside and letting Deb run with new and fresh ideas. Deb is full time, and Kate is part time. Deb’s availability will help our patrons even more.