Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Public Library is one of the original 12 PTRC libraries. We have offered uninterrupted service in IP since 1871, making the year 2016 the 145th anniversary. This year has brought some changes which will enhance service to our professional and public patrons alike.

The actual location of the PTRC within the library moved into Science & Technology Department. Previously, the PTRC had 2 FT staff members: Mona Brown and Erick Walker. Government Documents Department added a supervisory position which was filled by Sarah Dobransky. As this is the location of the Federal Depository Library, these three will continue to assist in IP duties.

The Science & Technology Department has 4 FT staff: Jim Bettinger (PTRC representative), Rose Mary Hoge, Elvira Baron, and Peter London, and 1 FTE substitute. This department also performs ILL and photoduplication services, primarily by Elaine Straka. The manager of the General Research Collections (Business, Science, Social Sciences, & Gov Docs) is Don Boozer.

The library opened the Cleveland Digital Public Library. This re-purposed space has, among other features, a new open-style classroom area with Smart Board and laptop accessibility. It has a view through a glass-paneled wall of the library's Preservation Department. As visitors watch how volumes are repaired they are pausing for topic material from classes held. I held my first PubWEST and PubEAST classes here in January, and connectivity was excellent. In years past the classroom was enclosed and in a remote part of the campus. During construction I had classes in my department where there are 5 dedicated PubWEST / PubEAST stations. The open-classroom style was designed to create synergies from previously-thought unconnected audiences. This has proven to be a wonderful improvement from a stagnant social environment.

Classes have focused on the IP professional. Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association (CIPLA) is a much-valued partner. They appreciate the classes for their members and staff. IP searching is not taught in law school. Case Western Reserve University has the Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology and the Arts, and they share with Cleveland State University's Marshall College of Law the Great Lakes Sports and Entertainment Law Academy. As an aside, the sports marketing firm IMG was founded and headquartered in Cleveland by Mark McCormack, whose first client was Arnold Palmer.

CIPLA generously offered to donate up to $10,000 and their time to Cleveland Public Library for the purpose of children's programming and the creative process.

Jim and Don were invited to present Intellectual Property for the Librarian: What CPL's PTRC Can Do for You and Your Patrons at the January 2016 quarterly meeting of the directors ofCLEVNET ® libraries. This will mark a new outreach avenue for CPL's IP program for the public. CLEVNET ® is a 43-member, 12-county public library consortium. It has been in existence since 1986.

Cleveland Public Library hosted its 3rd Maker Faire on June 6. Warmer weather encouraged more participation and visitors than the previous year, with attendance up more than 10% to 4500. Next Maker Faire is scheduled for November 5, 2016.
The City of Cleveland will be hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention in July. Dr. Hydorn and Robert Berry, both of PTRCP, will conduct sessions for the public on IP awareness and searching on May 10, 2016. Panel discussion will highlight federal agencies to recognize the work they do to assist inventors and entrepreneurs.

The local invention that has garnered the most publicity in the past year is Sherwin-Williams Co.'s Paint Shield ® microbicidal paint, USP # 9,131,683 .