Honolulu, HI

Hawaii State Library

Aloha to everyone from our corner of the world.

This past year has been exciting for us. It all started with a simple message that PTRCP staff was going to come and visit us this year. Upon confirmation, I discuss this welcome event with several people. The first person I talked to was with Emily Dovermann, who had attended last year’s seminar. She was excited because she wanted to do a display. Unfortunately, Arlene Nagamine was going to be on extended sick leave during most of the planning for this event. A generous trust fund and the use of the grand lobby area allowed us to scale up the seminar and displays beyond my wildest dreams. The last time PTRCP, then PTDLP staff, visited Hawaii for this type of seminar was in 2000.

At first the plans were modest. We were looking at a couple of wall panels that focused on Hawaii patents and trademarks and maybe show some examples of each. The first big addition to our team was Kristin Laitila from our Hawaii and Pacific Section. She had some experience in setting up museum quality displays. The second major addition to our team was Faye Tanaka-Kubo, the substitute librarian that filled in for Arlene. She had prior business connections that greatly increased the quality of the display items and donation of the seminar refreshment supplies. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have included a picture to show how extensive the display became and another picture showing a typical display case.

We also have some photos from the seminar itself which included local Oahu representatives from the Business Action Center from the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Hawaii Small Business Development Center, and High Technology Development Corporation. A majority of the seminar attendees returned an evaluation form for us and a separate form for PTRCP staff to look over. I don’t remember the last event that had this many people returning so many positive comments about the usefulness of the seminar in a very long time.

If you are interested in seeing the full display layout, let me know. With the display and seminar, traffic to our patent and trademark search computer has definitely increased. Hopefully, we can maintain and even expand the momentum to show the public what we have for them to find in our library.

We required advance reservations to reserve a seat at the seminar. This allowed us to collect some valuable statistics normally unknown to us. A total of 79 people preregistered but only 51 attendees showed up with an additional four walking-in. People preregistering primarily got their notification of the event from personal contact with our office, from our various library web pages, or from USPTO website. Other forms of publicity and social media had minimal impact but were still able to get the word out to some attendees. For contrast, 38 people, 69% of the attendees, filled out a standard library evaluation form, with almost the same number filling out a PTRCP evaluation form, a majority of the evaluation form respondents said they got their information mostly from a library flyer or website. There were some discrepancies from the pre-registration feedback but all the major forms of communication were still represented in the evaluation form response.

I wished we could have topped this off by sending another representative to this year’s seminar, but we are in the midst of hiring a new State Librarian to manage the entire Hawaii State Public Library System. Therefore, I couldn’t get the necessary approvals lined up this year. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to send someone on an occasional basis.

Now I must leave you to begin the process of writing the many thank you letters for helping us put on the display and seminar that was well received by many library users.

All pau for now.

Stewart Chun
Honolulu PTRC Representative