Clemson, SC

Clemson University

This has been an exceptionally busy year! Since last year’s seminar, lots of things have happened. Here are some highlights. And these are just the things related to Patents and Trademarks!

• I participated in the judging process of the Senior Design projects for Bioengineering. (You may recall that previously I called attention to a project that won first place in the BME Start competition for undergraduate biomedical/bioengineering students with a prize of $10,000. That invention is now on its way to market.)
• Attended numerous disclosure meetings with Clemson inventors in my role as member of the Intellectual Property Committee
• Presented a program (with my colleague Andy Wesolek who is Head of Digital Scholarship) for World Intellectual Property Day. The theme for our program was “Three Minute Limit: Brief Talks on Intellectual Property Rights and Multimedia.” We each presented two short talks, answered questions, shared conversations sparked by exhibited items, and munched on popcorn.
• Mentored a really persistent student for a directed research project in patent searching for 1 hour credit
• Met with numerous students and faculty members for preliminary patent searches
• Taught another semester of LIB 3010: Patent Searching for 1 hour credit – reached 22 students this time
• Hosted a special guest from the USPTO for a full day of events: 2 seminar classes; 1 class session of LIB 3010; and a workshop on entrepreneurship and careers

I am really looking forward to coming to Washington for the PTRC Training Seminar. I have not attended since 2012, and I have really missed seeing all of my friends old and new.