Journal of the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Association, Volume 24, 2014

News from PTRCs

Akron, OH

Akron Summit County Public Library

The Akron Summit County Public Library has been a PTRC since 1995. The patent information is located in the Science and Technology Division of the Main Library. It has been a busy year here at the Akron PTRC. The biggest news from last year was that we embraced the Maker Movement by hosting a Mini Maker Faire at our Main Library. One of the features was our “Intellectual Property Lawyers in the Library” program. This gave inventors or “Makers” the opportunity to speak to a patent attorney in a free, one on one 20 minute session. We had 17 inventors take part in this unique program.

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Tech PTRC continued to provide intellectual property services to faculty and students on campus as well as individual inventors throughout the state of Georgia. We conducted over 300 individual consultation and training sessions for inventors and researchers with their patent and trademark needs. The Patent and Trademark Research Guides we created/updated have been accessed over 6,600 times during 2013.

Cheyenne, WY

Wyoming State Library

The Wyoming State Library (WSL) became a PTRC in 2005. I am the sole staff member within the PTRC, and additionally manage the Federal Depository Library Program here at WSL. We are the only PTRC in the state and consequently, serve the entire population of Wyoming. Our state population is approximately 544,000. As a consequence, the majority of my service is distance (phone and email) versus one-on-one interactions here at WSL.

Cincinnati, OH

Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County

Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton CountyThe Cincinnati Patent & Trademark Resource Center is located in the Information & Reference department of the Main Branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County (PLCH). The Main Library takes up two city blocks, and is consistently one of the busiest urban branches in the nation.

Clemson, SC

Clemson University

This has been a year of transition here at the Cooper Library at Clemson. The entire Library has been reorganized into larger units. A number of our Reference Librarians have retired, and subject areas have been combined to distribute them among the remaining staff members. It has been an adjustment, but I am beginning to settle in to the new workflows. More changes are sure to come along, and I am trying hard to roll with it. Change is good, right? We have also hired some new people, including Andy Wesolek, Head of Digital Scholarship.

Dallas, TX

Dallas Public Library

Greetings from Dallas Public Library! The Library’s PTRC, established in 1977, is located in the Government Information Center on the 6th Floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library. Although our staff is small, and shares responsibility for collections from both the 6th and 5th Floors (Business and Technology), we do benefit from having more than one person with some degree of experience working with patent and trademark information including PTRC Representative Greg Browder, in addition to a handful of other “seasoned” library staff who assist 5th and 6th Floor customers.

Dayton, OH

Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, Wright State University

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Library has been a PTRC since 2000. Our PTRC collection is located in the Information Commons area of the main library.

Detroit, MI

Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library has been a PTRC since 1871; one of the founding members of the program. I would like to think that we had helped companies such as Detroit Stove Works patent their gas stove (843,644) in 1907. We continue to keep material for historic patent research, as well as current materials and access to online databases. In addition we promote our business resources, which can help inventors with marketing their product. We believe in the PTRC as an aid to local economic development.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Broward County Library System

Honolulu, HI

Hawaii State Library

Emily Dovermann, Arlene Nagamine and I send a fond aloha to all the survivors of the Polar Vortex. We have been reading how Mother Nature is quite the trickster.

Houston, TX

Rice University

Esther CrawfordThe most significant and sad news from Rice University’s PTRC is the loss of department head Esther Crawford on January 18, 2014 after a long illness. Esther was an amazing, supportive, and innovative boss who was not afraid to try new things herself while encouraging and supporting others to do likewise. Known for her sunny personality, Esther was also incredibly intelligent but never condescending.

Louisville, KY

Louisville Free Public Library

Whatever Happened in 2013?
• Lots of noise made by 3D printers and happy patrons looking at the printing results.
• A new relationship with a new Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Northern Kentucky University. Welcome aboard!
• Lots of interest in phone apps and the attendant software, trademarks, and equipment issues.
• A lot of outreach activities done by the Head of Main Information Services, 2nd floor, Charlton Braganza, on behalf of the Business and Patents and Trademarks Department. Thanks, Charlton!

Macomb, IL

Western Illinois University

display of patents of local inventorsThe Macomb, IL PTRC is located within the Government, Legal, Spatial and Data Services Unit of the Western Illinois University Libraries. Dean of Libraries, Michael Lorenzen took over leadership of the WIU Libraries on July 15, 2013. He replaced Phyllis Self who had retired in May, 2013.

Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wendt Commons Library

Wendt Commons Library serves the departments of Engineering, Computer Science, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, and Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The library has been a PTDL/PTRC since 1976.

Minneapolis, MN

Hennepin County Library—Minneapolis Central

During 2013 we continued to reach out to inventors, entrepreneurs and small business owners through a variety of programs.

I did my “patent talk” a total of 18 times: 12 at Minneapolis Central and 6 at suburban libraries in the system. Although the number of attendees isn’t as big as when I started here almost 20 years ago, the people who do show up are more serious and focused on the patenting process.

Morgantown, WV

Evansdale Library, West Virginia University

Evansdale Library at West Virginia University has been a depository since 1991. The Evansdale Library serves Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences, Education, Creative Arts and Physical Education. Independent as well as university inventors come to the Evansdale Library for assistance. I continue to work with university departments and the WVU Office of Technology Transfer as well as independent inventors. Different department I have spoken to about patent and trademarks include Horticulture, Mechanical Engineering, and Law.