Morgantown, WV

Evansdale Library, West Virginia University

Evansdale Library at West Virginia University has been a depository since 1991. The Evansdale Library serves Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences, Education, Creative Arts and Physical Education. Independent as well as university inventors come to the Evansdale Library for assistance. I continue to work with university departments and the WVU Office of Technology Transfer as well as independent inventors. Different department I have spoken to about patent and trademarks include Horticulture, Mechanical Engineering, and Law.

I and the other Engineering Librarian continue to work with Engineering 101, and this year I modified our online module for Intellectual Property which reached 1,000 engineering students this past year.

A patent law professor continues to work on a research project using PubWEST. Unfortunately, when the professor returned in January, PubWEST was no longer able to print or output files. After I worked extensively with the PTRC Program office and well as with USPTO Technical Support (who I am sure worked behind the scenes), it was finally available for the professor by the end of January.

Our library will have additional renovations this year. In preparation for the renovation, DVDs as well as Patent and Trademark indices were moved to our depository.