Detroit, MI

Detroit Public Library

The last year has been a busy one for us. All of Michigan was proud and excited when the first USPTO Detroit Satellite Office opened on June 13. The opening ceremony was well attended. Thanks to this, our visibility as a PTRC was enhanced. We participated in the Detroit Maker Faire on July 28, sharing an information booth with the USPTO. Our HYPE Teen Center also had a booth, displaying the creations from our DIY group, one of the first programs of its kind at a library. There is a lot of innovative and creative talent all around us.

September 20, we hosted the AIA Roadshow, which attracted a large attendance from the legal community.

Most of our customers are independent inventors and small businesses, so we have become active in the Inventors Council of Mid Michigan (ICMM) and the Inventors Association of Metro Detroit (IAMD). I am on the board of both groups and attend regularly. Thanks to this association, I can promote our PTRC, as well as gain valuable information to share with our customers.

Our staff has grown smaller this year thanks to three retirements. John Gibson, our manager, retired on March 22, and I have been serving as acting manager until this position can be filled.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Seminar!