Dayton, OH

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Library has been a PTRC since 2000. Our PTRC collection is stored in the Information Commons area of the main library.

Our programs have been developing with more community involvement. Recently I was able to give a presentation with a professor who teaches entrepreneurship at a local community college and the director of our local entrepreneur center. The program was held at the main Dayton Metro Library and was well attended. We are planning for additional workshops at local branches of the library. My own workshops are all filing up within days of announcement. We usually have 20 or more attending. I have also been working with more and more with patrons seeking help with trademarks. They include individuals and small business owners.

Some of the local community and business groups I have worked with this past year include the Springfield Entrepreneur Incubator, Veterpreneur Academy, Clark County Historical Society, Sinclair Community College entrepreneur classes, and the local inventors council. At the October meeting of the Inventors Council of Dayton we had a lively discussion on the America Invents Act, with a local patent attorney leading the discussion. One thing I took away from that meeting was that patent research will be even more important to the independent inventor before filing an application.

Our university library continues to transform into an information commons and media resources hub for our students. Our reference questions are on the increase over previous years. The majority of reference question increases are coming from online via IM and email. The increases in online reference questions are coming from students working in the building, either from the workstations or their laptops.

Ran Raider