Rochester, NY

Chester F. Carlson Center, Rochester, NY

The Chester F. Carlson Patent and Trademark Depository Library (a PTDL since 1999) has been pretty busy this year. Aside from our regular walk-in patrons, we have seen an increase in the number of users who have requested information to be sent to them at home, followed by an hour or two of one-on-one IP tutorial. We are always fortunate to have 8 hours a week to be dedicated to Patent and Trademark work, as our depository library is housed within our Science and History Division. These 8 hours are granted to us by our endowment, and enables a History librarian to cover the Reference desk.

We have had a local Patent and Trademark attorney come back several times to discuss the Basics of Intellectual Property as well as How to Market an Idea. Classes are very well attended, and we see some regular repeat customers at these talks.
Jeff Levine and Kate Meddaugh have presented at several local public libraries around Rochester on searching for patents or trademarks, what type of Intellectual Property protects an idea, as well as some pitfalls and scams to watch for in those independent companies. In fact, this year after the seminar, they are going to be part of a 4 day seminar at a public library. They plan to cover some of the topics mentioned above.

The Inventor’s Society of Western New York continues to hold their monthly meetings at the library, and sees attendance around 25 people. Some of the attendees have patents, and have come back to share their successes over time. New members are given tours of the Depository library as well as an introductory packet on the basics of IP.

Steve Nash and Alla Levi will be judges again this year at the Invention Convention. It’s a statewide invention education program for public and private school students from grades 1-9. The goal is to stimulate the development of students' creativity and imaginations, thereby building a new generation of American inventors. Students between the ages of 6 and 14, from the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region can participate. At the conclusion of the competition, six of the top inventions will be showcased in the library’s Science and History Division through the month of July. A reception follows for the students and their families.

Since January, close to 10 different people have come in to use the Carlson Patent and Trademark Depository Library, and 2 different email inquiries were answered and resulted in correspondence between the library and the patrons.