Annual report of the PTDLA President 2010

The big event of my term was the cancellation of the 2010 PTDL Training Seminar. When Chris Kitchens told me of the cancellation I was stunned, then I consulted with the executive board to think of options. The only option that seemed reasonable was to hold a rump meeting of the Association at the ALA Convention in Washington DC. I then asked the executive board if they thought it would be a good idea to request a meeting with the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, David Kappos. They agreed that it was, and Mr. Kappos agreed to meet with us.

The meeting with the Association attendees was important because they let me know that while they missed having the Training Seminar, they preferred to wait and meet again in April if that was possible, and not rush to a meeting any sooner. That precise question came up in the meeting and I was happy to present the sense of our membership to the Director.

We then left the meeting and I was wondering what would be the result. Chris later told us that the meeting had sparked an internal review on the information dissemination program at the USPTO and the result was that it needed to be continued, along with the PTDL Program. I am very happy with this result and I know it would not be possible without Chris Kitchens keeping up the good fight for the PTDL’s and our executive board last year that was supportive and full of good ideas.

Andrew Wohrley