Cheyenne, WY

Wyoming State Library

The Wyoming State Library (WSL) became a PTDL in 2005. I am the sole staff member within the PTDL, and additionally manage the Federal Depository Library program here at WSL. We are the only PTDL in the state and consequently, serve the entire population of Wyoming. Our state population is approximately 544,000. As you can imagine, this compels me to focus more actively on distance service versus in-house.

Researchers/inventors occasionally make appointments with me to work one-on-one, but the majority of my contacts are by phone or email. Our website includes our service information, a link to our Wyoming Inventors Database, helpful links to the USPTO, and a link to USPTO Intellectual Property Training video podcasts:

In addition to my work with independent inventors and entrepreneurs, I also collaborate with various agencies across the state to conduct onsite training. These agencies include the Wyoming Small Business Development Center, the Wyoming Business Council, and the University of Wyoming Research Products Center.

The highlight event of the 2010 was the statewide Video Conference Series with the USPTO Inventor Assistance Office, with Mr. John Calvert as our feature presenter. The WSL PTDL partnered with the Wyoming Small Business Development Center to offer this live video conference at five locations throughout the state. It was very well attended and all participants conveyed positive comments regarding the program.

I speak annually at Wyoming Senator Enzi’s Spring Inventors Conference. This conference is hosted by Senator Enzi and brings information about the patent process and procurement opportunities to Wyoming inventors and entrepreneurs. The focus of my presentation is basic patent/trademark searching and services offered by the WSL PTDL. This conference is extremely well attended and is held in a different location around the state each year.

I look forward to serving the people of Wyoming in this capacity for many years!