Akron, OH

2010 marks our fifteenth year as a PTDL, and we plan to mark this milestone with a celebration at our annual InventaPalooza in October. InventaPalooza 2009 had over 300 attendees from the Northeast Ohio area, many coming to hear David Pressman or John Schlipp speak, and others for John Calvert's webinar geared towards the independent inventor. Our Children's and Teen's departments also provided age-appropriate activities, and the day closed with a panel discussion by patent attorneys.

In addition to InventaPalooza, we continue our outreach with three different classes for a total of fifteen presentations in 2009. The classes are an introduction to patent searching, where we introduce the concepts of patents, feature the "Seven Step Search Strategy," and show the PTO website; and introduction to trademark searching, using the TESS database; and a general introduction to intellectual property.

Work on the Summit County Patent Index continues, with online access now available for the early years through the Summit Memory Project at ASCPL's Special Collections division and a name change to Inventors of Summit County Collection: http://www.summitmemory.org/cdm4/browse.php