Vol.1(1/2) June/December 2001

Table of Contents for Vol.1(1/2) June/December 2001

Best Practices

  • What I Did on My PTDL Vacation, Donna Hopkins, Baton Rouge, LA, PTDL, pages 1-6 [abst] [html]

Featured Articles

  • The British Library’s Patent Activities and Britain’s Patent Depository Network, Stephen Van Dulken, British Library, United Kingdom pages 6-10 [abst] [html]

  • Plowing New Ground: Finding Patent Information in Agriculture and Life Science Databases, Brian Carpenter and Gary Church, College Station, TX, pages 10-15 [abst] [html]

  • Patent Presentations to Young Inventors, Carol Giles, St. Louis, MO., pages 15-20 [abst] [html]

  • X!:Ten Most Common Mistakes: Inventors on Their Own, Donald Grant Kelly, Alexandria, VA., pages 27-32 [abst] [html]

  • Translations of European Patent Specifications under Article 65 of the European Patent Convention, Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd. United Kingdom, pages 33-38 [abst] [html]