Intellectual Property: Meetings, Conferences and Events

Websites with links to intellectual property events

Websites with links to intellectual property events

  • Patent Information User’s Group, INC. (PIUG) — Patent Meetings/Educational Opportunities,+Conferences,+and+Seminars

    Chronological list, for the next twelve months, of patent related meetings, conferences and seminars. This list covers national and international events. Listings include date, place and title of event, with a link to a Web site where available.


  • European Patent Office (EPO) — Education and International Conferences/Exhibitions

    Listing of European and international conferences, courses and seminars. Most events listed are hosted by or in cooperation with the EPO. Also see link under heading Fairs & Exhibitions for an up-to-date chronological list of international fairs and exhibitions for the current year.


  • International Trademark Association (ITA) — Upcoming Meetings

    Chronological list, for the upcoming year, of trademark related meetings, roundtables and forums. This list is international in scope and includes dates, titles and locations of events. Links to the events’ Web sites are given when available.

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