PTDLA Planning Handout - draft

The objectives of the PTDLA are to discover the interests, needs, opinions, and goals of the Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries (PTDLs) and to advise the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) in these matters for the benefit of PTDLs and their users, and to assist the PTO in planning and implementing appropriate services.

Mission Statement Definition – a short succinct statement focusing on the purpose of the organization, its reason for existence, and what it hopes to accomplish.

Vision Statement Definition – describes the perfect world, the preferred future, focuses on the ultimate end, not how to get there.

USPTO vision statement from their Strategic Plan Web site: Leading the World in Intellectual Property Protection and Policy

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Identify the needs and interests of PTDL libraries.

Obj. 1: Develop and implement a survey to assess the needs and interests of PTDL Libraries.

Obj. 2: Analyze the survey to identify the most pressing and the most commonly expressed needs and interests.

Obj. 3: Use the mentor program to identify and address the needs of new PTDL librarians.

Goal 2: Communicate the needs and interests of PTDL libraries to the USPTO.

Obj. 1: Share the survey results with the USPTO along with proposed solutions to address the problems and needs identified by the survey.

Obj. 2: Use the existing communication mechanisms of the PTDLA (the ListServ, Web site, on-line newsletter, blog, and yearly seminar) and evaluate evolving technologies to maintain a constant flow of ideas.

Goal 3: Assist the USPTO in planning and implementing appropriate services.

Obj. 1: Encourage the attendance of at least one representative from each PTDL to the annual training session at the USPTO.

Obj. 2: Increase participation in patent and trademark training by encouraging the USPTO to provide opportunities for distance education training at each PTDL.

Obj. 3: Explore new ways of getting information to an increasingly digital public who is less likely physically to visit a PTDL program library.

Obj. 4: Collect information from PTDL librarians about patron needs and relay to the USPTO.

Obj. 5: Explore partnerships with librarians in non-PTDL universities/libraries to offer IP courses/education/training to science, engineering, and business students and the public.

Obj. 6: Explore ways to promote filing and management of patent and trademark applications electronically.

Goal 4: Increase participation in PTDLA by PTDL librarians.

Obj. 1: Give an overview of the PTDLA Web site at the training session for new PTDL librarians so they will be aware of all the activities and publications of the association.

Obj. 2: Offer internships on PTDLA committees so that new members can observe the activities and gain knowledge and confidence before making a full commitment.

Obj 3: Encourage PTDLA membership for librarians who do not attend the seminar on a regular basis.

Obj. 4: Promote opportunities for on-line participation especially for those who only get to attend the training seminar every few years.

Goal 5: Promote the sharing of resources among PTDL librarians and beyond.

Obj. 1: Provide space on the PTDLA Web site for marketing tools and library instruction resources, etc.

Obj. 2: Encourage PTDL librarians to submit their own resources for posting to the PTDLA Web site for use by other librarians in their own programs.

Obj. 3: Encourage PTDL librarians to publish and present intellectual property related research and information in widely read/disseminated venues.

Goal 6: Support USPTO efforts and initiatives aimed at strengthening IP protection and curbing theft of IP.

Obj. 1: Encourage and support PTDL librarians in conducting training on IP rights matters.

Obj. 2: Explore partnerships with librarians/organizations in other countries to deliver effective educational programs about the benefits and effective use of IP that improves an understanding of IP rights and raises awareness of scams and IP theft worldwide.

Committee members: Ginny Baldwin, Charlotte Erdmann, Linda Spiro, Joanne Tobin


There has been no activity since early may and I was wondering if there is a more current draft that could be posted. I see Jim's draft and I think it is better than the first. Any thoughts on Jim's version? or should we continue our critique of the first draft?

I only have three comments.

First, can't we use the "PTDLA STATEMENT FROM THE WEB SITE", or a modified form of it, as our Mission Statement?

Second, does PTDLA have an older vision statement that we can re-adopt or update?

Third, I am uncomfortable with Goal #6. I think that a lot of IP law is fundamentally flawed and as a librarian, I don't see it as my job as to strengthen or support it. It's not my job to help patrons protect their IP either. I don't even see how this is related to being a PTDL.

Objective one is clearly a legal matter, and we are not to give legal council to our patrons. I feel it is the burden of the inventor to protect their IP with the assistance of an IP attorney, not a librarian.

Objective 2 I am okay with, but it seems misplaced under this Goal.

Perhaps someone can explain why Goal #6 is here, and maybe defend why it is necessary. Maybe I can be convinced.