2008 PTDLA at ALA Program

Patent Information for Science and Technology Librarians

June 28th 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Anaheim Convention Center Room 304C

Do you have an interest in patent related issues faced by science, technology and medical librarians? Some of the issues covered are: Role of patents in science technology and medical literature; with so many databases available which one should I be using; role of PTDL's; and Others.

Moderator: Karon King, State Library of Iowa

Patents in Sci/Tech Bibliographic Instruction
Speaker: Donna Hopkins, Champion Technologies
Abstract: Occasionally professors will have students try a prior art search on a class project, but what of the patent literature's other uses? I speak to a few classes about IP, barely even mentioning an inventor/prior art search. When students do find patents relevant to their research, professors are impressed by the quality (and real-world usefulness) of the information students assemble.

Channeling the Future: What PTDL Resources Offer Sci-Tech Researchers
Speaker: Tom Turner USPTO
Abstract: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provides support to a nationwide network of 85 libraries, which in turn, aid sci-tech researchers seeking free patent and trademark information. Find out why these libraries are a focal point for customers looking for information on intellectual property protection.

Biomedical Patents Searching in Free Web Databases
Speaker: Charlotte Erdmann, Purdue University
Abstract: Illustrates keyword, classification, inventor, and assignee searches in databases from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, esp@cenet, WIPO's Patent Scope, Patent Lens, FreePatentsOnline, and Google Patents. Biomedical patents are highly informative. It is important for students, researchers, and inventors to search patents for "prior art" from throughout the world. Give the subject, many biomedical innovations are filed first in other countries. The presentation compares the database features and includes hints for using the best databases for your purposes.