US Patent: 396,361

Rolling Die Machine Patentee: William H. Johnson - Racine, Racine County WI Granted:1889-01-15

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US Patent: 3,217,567

Horizontal Boring Mill Patentees: Edward P. Bullard III - Fairfield, Fairfield County CT , Edward P. Bullard IV - Fairfield, Fairfield County CT Granted:1965-11-16

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US Patent: 3,110,996

Grass cutting machines Patentee: Karl Rudolf Dahlman - Malmo Sweden Granted:1963-11-19

This is the patent for the "Flymo", a wheel-less lawnmower that was all the rage for a couple of years in the mid-1960s. In the USA the Flymo design was licensed to Toro. The Flymo mowers proved to be a bit difficult to control, especially on slopes, and left an irregular cut because the blade pushes down the air which tends to flatten the grass as well.
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GB Patent: 191,329,328

Improvements in and Relating to Steam Injectors. Patentees: Harry Edward Gresham - Salford, Lancashire County England , Frank James Gresham - Salford, Lancashire County England Granted:1914-03-12

Abstract: Giffard injectors; regulating.-In a live-steam injector, an annular passage a between the usual live-steam nozzle b and the water-inlet cone c admits exhaust steam to be absorbed by the feed-water before it is impinged upon by the live steam. The supply of exhaust is regulated by a spring-pressed valve f on the exhaust passage g which is acted upon by the steam in the engine valve chest through the intermediary of the passage h, piston i, and stem j. A positively-operated valve m enclosing the valve f may also be used for regulation. The device for regulating the supply of exhaust forms the subject of Application 29,328/13. When no exhaust steam is available, the discharge from the small continuously-working ejector of a brake system may be admitted, or a throttled supply of live steam.
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US Patent: 256,265

DATAMP Wacky Patents - June 12, 2020 - 11:16am
Device for waking persons from sleep Patentee: Samuel S. Applegate - Camden NJ Granted:1882-04-11

1 of 12 patents in the Parker Brothers Inventor's Game. Another is 221,855 Here as part of Russ Allen's MWTCA Gadgets, Gizmos, and Mechanical Marvels display.
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US Patent: 298,329

Injector and Ejector Patentee: Joseph Wotapek - New York NY Granted:1884-05-06

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GB Patent: 191,511,790

Improvements in Short-Circuiting and Brush Lifting Gear for Alternating Current Motors Patentee: Henry Bertram Whitmore - Brereton Cottage, Cheshire County England Granted:1916-08-10

Abstract: Alternating - current induction machines; brush-holders; collecting-rings.- In slip - ring short - circuiting and brush-lifting gear for induction motors, each slip-ring P, Q, R is electrically connected to a pair of bars p p<1>, q q<1>, r r<1> which extend axially through the other two slip-rings but are insulated therefrom; each bar. may be made in two parts screwed into a slip-ring, as shown in connection with the bar q and slip-ring Q. The respective pairs of bars are connected together at one end by contact plates p<2>, q<2>, r<2>; at the other end, the three ends p<3>, q<3>, r' of the rotor windings are connected respectively to one bar of each pair. A rotating sleeve D carrying three tangentially-arranged shortcircuiting brushes E may be moved axially into contact with the plates p', q', r' to short-circuit the slip-rings, the edges of the plates being bevelled to allow the brushes to slide into position. The sleeve D is held in its end position by means of a spring- pressed ball d' engaging notches in the shaft. Axial movement is imparted to the sleeve by means of a crank-pin entering a groove therein and carried by a shaft f<1> fitted with a hand-wheel f<2>; the crank-pin is connected by a spring S to a projection s<1> on the casing tending to hold the crank in one or other of its extreme positions. Each slip-ring is fitted with a pair of brushes B carried from pins b<1> in brackets b<2>, and the extensions b<3> of the fingers b<4> overlap in elevation; the brackets b<2> are carried by, but insulated from, the brush-carrying bars b<5>, and the two brushes of each pair are connected together by a strip b<6> and are joined to a connecting-lug b<7>. The brushes are lifted off the slip-rings by the tall-pin h<5> carried by the lever H fulcrumed on the pivot h<2>; the lever H is fitted with an adjustable stop-pin h<3>, and a spring h<4> tends to keep the lever in position. The lever also carries a second tailpin h<1>, which extends underneath the extensions b<3> of the brush-fingers b<4>. In a modification, the contact plates p<2>, q<2>, r<2> are straight and are also tangentially arranged. The movement of the shaft f<1> may be effected automatically by means depending on the speed, voltage, current, or frequency.
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