Commercial Patent Database Vendors

Commercial patent database vendors that provide patent data with value added features and analytic tools include:

Clarivate Derwent

Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI) patent families ensure you don’t encounter duplicate inventions. The invention-based records allow you to see the full global protection for a single invention, instead of one record per patent – saving you valuable research time.

Derwent Patent Citation Index (DPCI) provides an invention-level view of patent and literature citations, forward and backward and allows you to obtain all citations relevant to inventions or patent families. This feature on patent data allows you to gather comprehensive patent lists faster, freeing time and resources.

IFI Claims

IFI CLAIMS  uses a sophisticated data clean-up process that corrects many common errors found in patent documents, such as company name misspellings. Calculated expiration dates, legal status, and machine translations of non-English documents are also included.

InnovationQ Plus utilized both concept-based, common-language semantic search, and enhances Boolean search filters. The Analyze feature allows patent data analysis by creating your own customizable visuals dashboard.

LexisNexis IP

TotalPatent One features: A faster, more efficient user experience and no waiting for pages to load; A simplified user interface that enables you to easily find the patent search results with full-text patent documents from 56 patent authorities.


PatBase allows search quality checked data from 106 countries (74 full text) on one platform, updated daily. Legal status information is received directly from top patent offices around the world. The intergrated analytics provides birds-eye view of market trends and key competitors.


Built using the latest web technologies, PatSeer Premier hides the complexities of searching across worldwide data with its intuitive interface. It allows you to combine IP with other data points such as Scientific Journals and Litigation and thereby make your decision over a larger set of factors affecting your technology and market strategies.


PatSnap IP Intelligence platform brings together over 250 million innovation and IP datapoints to support decision making. It uses AI to separate the signal from the noise, and it draws connections from one data set to the next.


Orbit Intelligence is a leading global IP business intelligence software dedicated to patent research and analysis. Its technology helps top management, IP specialists and legal professionals turn data into actionable insights to solve their strategic questions.