The Newsletter of the Patent & Trademark Depository Library Association


News from PTDLs

Akron, OH

2010 marks our fifteenth year as a PTDL, and we plan to mark this milestone with a celebration at our annual InventaPalooza in October.


Albany, NY

The PTDL at New York State Library (NYSL) had a relatively quiet year in 2009.


Ann Arbor, MI

The Ann Arbor MI PTDL is located in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library (AAEL) in the Duderstadt Center at the University of Michigan.


Atlanta, GA

The Information Services Department (ISD) houses the PTDL at the Georgia Tech Library and Information Center.


Auburn, AL

The Auburn PTDLA has had quiet year, but there have been several changes.


Baltimore, MD

University of Baltimore Law Library

We’ve had an uptick in members of the public coming to our library. Most are content with instruction on using the PTO website, but we have signed people onto PubWest as well. The most exciting event of the year for was that I was able to attend the Independent Inventors Conference at the PTO in November. It was fascinating to go beyond the world of patent searching and learn about other aspects of patenting an invention: marketing, evaluating the viability of a patent, claims drafting, working with your patent practitioner, and case studies of successful and unsuccessful inventors.

Birmingham, AL

In May 2009, our PTDL was pleased to host


College Park, MD

There is little news from College Park, other than that the private sector seems to be slowly recovering from the 2008 crash.


Dallas, TX

During the past 12 months, the Government Information Center at the Dallas Public Library has continued intellectual property programs started during years past.


Dayton, Ohio

The University Libraries have been a PTDL since 2000.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Broward County Main Library

Hi Readers!

My name is Eileen Fischlschweiger. I’ve been the Fort Lauderdale PTDL Representative for thirteen years, and have worked at the PTDL in the capacity of Patent and Trademark Librarian for fifteen years. I have worked for the Broward County Library System for over 21 years. I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in both Chemistry and Physics, a Master’s degree in Communications, a considerable amount of graduate level coursework in Education, and a second Master’s degree in Library Science.

Houston, Texas

PTDL staff at Rice University participated in a number of outreach activities this year. Esther and Linda had a table at the Houston Inventors Association Showcase in August.


Little Rock, AR

Change, change and more change would be one good way to describe the past year at the Arkansas State Library.


Louisville, KY

Greetings from the Patents and Trademarks Depository Library at the Louisville Free Public Library.


Lubbock, TX

The Texas Tech University Patent and Trademark Depository has been a depository since 1995.


Madison, WI

Wendt Library serves the departments of Engineering, Computer Science, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, and Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.