Committees 2016-2017


Committees 2016-2017

Standing Committees


Bylaws Committee
Charge: Review the PTRCA bylaws and recommend language for updates; coordinate with the PTRCA webmaster to ensure that the most recent bylaws are on the website.

Marian Armour-Gemman, Morgantown, WV  (CHAIR)
Jared Hoppenfeld, College Station, TX
Lisha Li, Atlanta, GA


Conferences Committee
Charge: Coordinate all arrangements necessary for the PTRCA portions of the Annual PTRC Training Seminar and PTRCA Conference.

Karen Kitchens, WY
Lisha Li, Atlanta, GA (CHAIR)


Database Committee
Charge: Encourage USPTO, WIPO, EPO or any other interested parties to extend field, proximity, and Boolean search to major sections of patent and trademark databases as well as other database improvements.

Barbara Hampton, (Southbury CT)
Andrew Maines, Buffalo, NY – (Website Administrator)
Jim Miller, College Park, MD  (CHAIR)
Dave Morrison, Salt Lake City, UT
David Zwicky, West Lafayette, IN


Election Committee
Charge: Run the Election for Officers and Divisional Representatives; includes call for nominations, recruiting candidates, and running the electronic election.

Christina Byrne, Seattle, WA
Leena Lalwani, Ann Arbor, MI (CHAIR)
Dave Zwicky, West Lafayette, IN


Membership and Mentoring Committee
Charge: Coordinate the matching of new members and first-time attendees with either their divisional representative or a seasoned PTRCA veteran to ensure that they feel welcome and informed at the annual seminar.

Jim Bettinger, USPTO Fellow (2016-2017) James.Bettinger@USPTO.GOV
Paulina Borrego, Amherst, MA
Jared Hoppenfeld, College Station, TX
Kathy Berry, Dallas, TX
Walt Johnson, Minneapolis, MN
Mary Kordyban, Detroit, MI (Ex officio)
Lisha Li, Atlanta, GA (Ex officio)  (CHAIR)
Andrew Maines, Buffalo, NY (Ex officio)
Sharyl Overhiser, Philadelphia, PA
Suzanne Reinman, Stillwater, OK
Linda Spiro, Houston, TX 
Siu Min Yu, Houston, TX (Ex officio)
Dave Zwicky, West Lafayette, IN


Publications Committee
Charge: Coordinate the publication of the Association's annual newsletter and maintain the Association's website and archives.

Russ Allen, Chicago, IL
Andrew Maines, Buffalo, NY
Ran Raider, Dayton, OH
Suzanne Reinman, Stillwater, OK  (CHAIR & Newsletter Editor)
Tom Rohrig, Lubbock, TX
Irene Yelovich, Pittsburg, PA



Ad Hoc Committees


Program Committee
Charge: Plan programs presented by PTRCA Members at other conferences, such as ALA, SLA, etc.

Paulina Borrego, Amherst, MA (CHAIR)
Paula Johnson, Las Cruces, NM


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