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Texas A&M University Libraries will be hosting Patent and Trademark Day

It will take place at the Sterling C. Evans Library, Room 204E, in College Station on Tuesday, November 6th from 8:30am-4:30pm.

In conjunction with the library celebrating its 35th anniversary of being a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC), the library will be having two librarians from the USPTO provide a full day of workshops on intellectual property, including how to search for existing patents and trademarks.  Below is a schedule of the day’s events:
  • 8:30-9:00AM: Sign-in
  • 9:00-9:15AM: Welcome and PTRC Services Information
  • 9:15-10:30AM: Overview of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets
  • 10:30-10:45AM: Break
  • 10:45-11:45AM: Local Resources Panel
    • McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship
    • TAMUS Technology Commercialization
    • Research Valley Small Business Development Center
    • School of Innovation
  • 11:45AM-12:45PM: Lunch (provided)
  • 12:45-2:00PM: 7-Step Strategy for Preliminary U.S. Patent Search Using USPTO Databases
  • 2:00-2:30PM: 35th Anniversary Remarks
  • 2:30-3:45PM: Conducting a Preliminary Trademark Search Using USPTO Databases
  • 3:45-4:15PM: Non-USPTO Solicitations and Invention Promotion Scams: Asking the Right Questions
  • 4:15-4:30PM: Review and Questions; Adjournment
Snacks and lunch will be provided at no cost.  We just ask that attendees RSVP so we can plan accordingly for seats, handouts, and food. 

For more information or to
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New webpage for refund information

The new Refund Information page of the USPTO website is a comprehensive resource for refund requestors seeking general information about refunds, their eligibility, and instructions for submitting a request using the new Request for Refund form (PTO-2326). The page includes information about:
  1. Time limits
  2. Who can submit
  3. What to provide
  4. Where to submit
For assistance, contact the Refund Branch at 571-272-6500 or
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US Patent: 256,265

DATAMP Wacky Patents - October 9, 2018 - 11:17am
Device for waking persons from sleep Patentee: Samuel S. Applegate - Camden NJ Granted:1882-04-11

1 of 12 patents in the Parker Brothers Inventor's Game. Another is 221,855 Here as part of Russ Allen's MWTCA Gadgets, Gizmos, and Mechanical Marvels display.
This is one of 59,733 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 385,414

Brace for screw-drivers, bits, etc. Patentee: George W. Huber - Philadelphia PA Granted:1888-07-03

Information taken from Clifford D. Fales' database. manufacturer unknown. Marked, "G. W.HUBER PHILA. PA / PAT'D JULY — 3 -1888 "PAT'D JULY — 3 — 1888" Known sample marked 'G.W. Huber PHILA.PA.,PAT'D JUNE 12-1888'. The wrong patent date!!
This is one of 59,730 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 723,980

Fruit Jar Holder Patentee: Henry W. Bogart - Cleveland OH Granted:1903-03-31

Holder with a fixed handle and gripping area, preferably of rubber. The holding band is tightened by the action of a lever with curved slot and sliding catch. This lever resembles the clamping lever in Bogart's Fruit Jar Wrench (pat. no. 688,224). This Fruit Jar Holder, the T&B Fruit Jar Wrench, and a TRIUMPH FRUIT JAR WRENCH (pat. no. 743,227 ) are shown in a May 14, 1903 ad from the FORBES CHOCOLATE CO. of Cleveland.
This is one of 59,729 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: D32,744

Spoke Wrench Patentee: Leon M. Cabana - Buffalo NY Granted:1900-05-29

A distinctive bicycle spoke wrench marketed as the BABY Neverslip. It has an eye on the back side to attach it to a watch fob. It is a half-size version of the Neverslip Nipple Grip. The NEVERSLIP has a distinctive shield image cast in both sides. The design may reflect Spanish-American War era patriotic fervor. As part of a settlement of patent disputes, the Buffalo Specialty Mfg. Co. transferred the "Baby" and "Neverslip" grip patents to the G.W. Cole Co. in 1901.
This is one of 59,728 patents currently in the database at

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CA Patent: 146,477

Tire Tread Patentee: Elijah McCoy - Detroit, Wayne County MI Granted:1913-03-11

The inventor was born in Canada to fugitive slaves from Kentucky. He moved to Scotland where he was certified as a mechanical engineer, and then rejoined his family who in the meantime had moved to Michigan.
This is one of 59,728 patents currently in the database at

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AFCP 2.0 Extended

The After-Final Consideration Pilot 2.0 (AFCP 2.0) has been extended to Sept. 30, 2019. AFCP 2.0 and Quick Path Information Disclosure Statement (QPIDS) are part of the USPTO's ongoing efforts towards compact prosecution and increased collaboration between examiners and stakeholders.Learn more on the AFCP 2.0 page on the USPTO website. If you have any questions, please contact
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US Patent: 437,297

Improvement in Screw-Drivers Patentees: George E. Gay - Augusta ME United States , John H. Parsons - Augusta ME United States Granted:1890-09-30

This is one of 59,713 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 179,585

Improvement in steam-cylinder lubricators Patentee: Elijah McCoy - Ionia MI Granted:1876-07-04

Improvements to the inventor's patent 173,032.
This is one of 59,653 patents currently in the database at

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Patent Quality Chat

Our Patent Quality Chat webinar continues its 2018 series on Oct. 9, from noon to 1 p.m. ET, with “Leveraging a Harmonized Patent Classification System.”Join us this month to learn how the USPTO Office of International Patent Cooperation contributes to the development of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system and other international classification harmonization efforts. We will be discussing how patent offices benefit from extensive searching capabilities while external users see improved searching and patenting activity analysis. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering your questions about CPC and international classification harmonization efforts.  This webinar would be of interest to all those involved in patent prosecution and patent searching. No registration is necessary to attend. More information, including how to attend, is available on our event page. Please send your input and questions to before and during the event.The Patent Quality Chat webinar series is presented as a part of the USPTO’s continuous effort to improve patent quality
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Authentication change for EFS-Web and Private PAIR: Migration tool now available

EFS-Web and Private PAIR users now have a new, safer, and simpler login. The new method grants access to multiple USPTO systems with one consolidated sign-in and eliminates shared credentials by providing practitioners and their support staff with their own accounts.The Migration Tool is now available for existing PKI digital certificate holders (registered practitioners and independent inventors) to link their accounts to their current PKI digital certificates. (To successfully migrate, users must already have a account. If you do not already have one, create a account and opt in for two-step authentication.) Please follow the step-by-step instructions to migrate and allow 1–2 business days after you finish the migration steps for the process to complete; you can then use your account to sign in to EFS-Web and Private PAIR. Customer Numbers associated with the PKI certificate will be migrated to the linked account. PKI certificates can still be used to sign in to EFS-Web and Private PAIR as well.Please note that there are new URLs for EFS-Web and Private PAIR for signing in using your account. You will need to update any bookmarks to the new URLs below: The USPTO has expanded information sessions related to this authentication change. We welcome attendees to register for multiple sessions, because new information will be added as it becomes available. Register for one of the sessions.For additional information, visit Authentication Change for EFS-Web and PAIR. If you need assistance creating your account, please call the USPTO Contact Center (UCC) at 800-786-9199. For assistance with migration, please contact the Patent Electronic Business Center at or 866-217-9197.
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CA Patent: 482,193

Chucks Patentees: John N. Petre - unknown unknown unknown , John O. Olsen - unknown unknown unknown Granted:1952-04-01

This is one of 59,645 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 5,736X

Press, called Bramah's hydrostatic press Patentees: David H. Mason - Philadelphia PA , Mathias W. Baldwin - Philadelphia PA Granted:1829-12-02

Most of the patents prior to 1836 were lost in the Dec. 1836 fire. Only about 2,000 of the almost 10,000 documents were recovered. Little is known about this patent. Only the patent drawing is available. This patent is in the database for reference only.
This is one of 59,643 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 237,722

Feed device for drilling-machines Patentee: Henry Bickford - Cincinnati OH Granted:1881-02-15

This is one of 59,636 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 1,236,826

Valve Spring Compressor Patentee: Ralph A. Durland - Washingtonville NY Granted:1917-08-14

"Over center toggle lock" lifting clamp for Model T FORD engine valve springs. The parts are steel stampings; the tool works with pairs of valve springs. Produced as the MOSCO Valve Spring Compressor for FORDs.
This is one of 59,609 patents currently in the database at

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US Patent: 1,515,266

Mounting for shaft bearings Patentee: Raymond C. Mitchell - Springfield OH Granted:1924-11-11

This is one of 59,607 patents currently in the database at

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