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Updated: 15 hours 28 min ago

EFS-Web and Private PAIR authentication change: Sponsorship Tool now available

November 1, 2018 - 3:34pm
All EFS-Web and Private PAIR users now have a new, safer, and simpler login. The USPTO is moving from using PKI certificates for two-factor authentication because they will no longer be supported by the software provider.The Sponsorship Tool is now available for existing registered practitioners to give access to support staff to work on their sponsor’s behalf. Please follow the step-by-step instructions to sponsor your support staff. Once they are sponsored, they will be able to sign in using their accounts and select the registered practitioners for whom they work.Creating an accountIf you or your support staff do not already have accounts, each of you will need to create one and opt in for two-step authentication. Migrating an existing account If you are a registered practitioner or independent inventor with an existing PKI digital certificate, use our with these step-by-step instructions to link your new account to your current PKI digital certificate.Using your new accountThere are new EFS-Web and Private PAIR URLs for use with your account. Make sure to update your bookmarks with these sites:More informationPlease review the Patent Electronic System Access Document for additional information on authentication, sponsorship, and verification for accessing patent electronic systems.We invite you to register for multiple information sessions related to this authentication change, because new information will be added as it becomes available. For more information, visit Authentication Change for EFS-Web and PAIR.If you need assistance creating your account, please call the USPTO Contact Center (UCC) at 800-786-9199. For assistance with migration, please contact the Patent Electronic Business Center at or 866-217-9197.
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Patent Quality Chat

November 1, 2018 - 3:31pm
USPTO Patent Quality Chat webinar series of 2018 continues on Nov. 13, from noon to 1 p.m. ET, with “eMod Update: Accessing EFS-Web and PAIR with Accounts.”We will discuss how to access EFS-Web and PAIR with accounts, with a focus on:
  • The authentication change from using PKI certificates to using accounts;
  • How to migrate your existing PKI certificate to your account; and
  • The Sponsorship Tool, which allows existing registered practitioners to sponsor their support staff to work on their behalf.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering your questions about the authentication changes to EFS-Web and PAIR. Please send your input and questions to before and during the event.This webinar would be of interest to all those involved in patent prosecution, including attorneys, support staff, and independent inventors.Registration is not necessary to attend. See our event page on the USPTO website for more information.The Patent Quality Chat webinar series is presented as a part of the USPTO’s continuous efforts to improve patent quality.
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